[][src]Struct show_notes::bonus::burnout::Script

pub struct Script;

Bonus: Burnout

Hello, I’m Chris Krycho and this is New Rustacean: a show about the Rust Programming Language and the people who use it. This is a bonus episode, on burnout.

For today’s episode, I’m going to do something slightly different than usual. All the sponsors and show notes stuff will be up front in the next two minutes. After that, I’m going to talk about burnout and my experience of it—but there’s no script today. My hope is that hearing me talk about it, and talk about it “off script,” will help someone out there.

So: let’s talk sponsors.

First, Parity Technologies is sponsoring this week’s episode because they want to hire you! Parity is advancing the state of the art in decentralized technology. Their flagship software is the Parity Ethereum client, but they're also building cutting-edge tech in areas like WebAssembly and peer-to-peer networking. Their next big project is Polkadot, a platform leveraging blockchain tech for scaling and interop in decentralized systems. Parity uses Rust for its trifecta of safety, speed, and correctness! If that sounds interesting, check out their jobs at paritytech.io/jobs.

Thanks again to Parity!

Patreon Sponsors

Second, thanks to everyone who sponsors the show on Patreon! As of recording, there are 100 of you sponsoring right now, and I find that particularly amazing and encouraging in the midst of the burnout I’ve been experiencing. This month’s $10-or-more sponsors included:

If you’d like to sponsor the show, you set up ongoing support at patreon.com/newrustacean, send a one-off at any of a number of other services listed at newrustacean.com, or get in touch directly. The website also has scripts and code samples for most of the teaching episodes as well as transcripts for many of the interviews, along with full show notes for every episode. You can find the notes for _this_ episode at <newrustacean.com/show_notes/bonus/burnout>.

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Okay, so let’s talk about burnout.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Script

impl Unpin for Script

impl Sync for Script

impl RefUnwindSafe for Script

impl UnwindSafe for Script

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