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Stringing things along

  • Date: April 24, 2016
  • Subject: Strings &strs and Vecs and slices (and Unicode) – oh, my!
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This episode, I take a deep dive on strings in Rust, looking at the differences between String and &str, discussing Unicode a bit, and then expanding the discussion to think about how these types relate to the types they’re built on (like Vec).


Listener Nev pointed out to me that I got it wrong when describing how &str data is stored. It is not stack-allocated, but rather goes in the data segment. I should have said statically-allocated, not stack-allocated. Thanks to Nev for the correction!


  • Aleksey Pirogov
  • Chris Palmer
  • Derek Morr
  • Hamza Sheikh
  • Lachlan Collins
  • Leif Arne Storset
  • Luca Schmid
  • Micael Bergeron
  • Pascal Hertleif
  • Ralph Giles (“rillian”)
  • Ralph “FriarTech” Loizzo
  • reddraggone9
  • Ryan Ollos
  • Vesa Kaihlavirta
  • William Roe

(Thanks to the couple people donating who opted out of the reward tier, as well. You know who you are!)

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  • Demonstrate dereferencing. (You’ll want to read this example carefully.)