[][src]Struct show_notes::e021::ThingToDestructure

pub struct ThingToDestructure {
    pub a_field: String,
    pub another: i32,

A simple thing to demonstrate destructuring

let thing = ThingToDestructure {
    a_field: "Neat!".into(),
    another: 42,

let ThingToDestructure { a_field, another: can_rename } = thing;
println!("`a_field` is {} and another (`can_rename`) is {}", a_field, can_rename);


a_field: String

Just a field we can destructure.

another: i32

And another field we can destructure.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for ThingToDestructure

impl Unpin for ThingToDestructure

impl Sync for ThingToDestructure

impl RefUnwindSafe for ThingToDestructure

impl UnwindSafe for ThingToDestructure

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