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FFI Deep Dive

  • Date: May 11, 2019
  • Subject: Exposing Rust types and functions to C API consumers.
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§Show Notes

It’s impossible to make the declarations below follow the order I talked through them on the recording without also making them horrible to read, so just use this outline instead:

  1. add_in_rust
  2. Strings
    1. concat_strings
    2. free_rust_string
  3. Point
    1. point_translate
  4. union
  5. OpaquePoint
    1. opaque_point_new
    2. opaque_point_translate
    3. opaque_point_free


Thanks to Parity for sponsoring the show and hiring Rust developers!

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  • Demonstrate unions! Combines an enum and a union into a struct that acts mostly like a regular Rust enum.


  • A struct identical to Point, but which is not #[repr(C)]!
  • A simple struct which we can expose to a C API. Note that it is #[repr(C)]!
  • e031: FFI Deep Dive!