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Sean Griffin on type systems and hopes for Rust’s future

  • Date: February 25, 2016
  • Subject: Type system strengths and weaknesses, and the weird corners of Rust (with some hopes for its future)
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Chris chats with Sean Griffin about the tradeoffs between mental overhead and type safety, the expressiveness of different type systems, and some of the places where Rust currently falls down.


Sean noted he could be wrong about IEnumerable<T> not having a Sum method in C♯, and post-show research indicated that he was (it’s possible it was added after he had stopped doing .NET work, of course). See the documentation for details on how IEnumerable<T>.Sum it behaves in C♯ if you’re curious.

As a related note, I (Chris) have done a little bit of digging on C♯ in the interval and it’s fair to say that while a lot of the “ceremony” involved in writing C♯ is annoying, it’s much more than just a “slightly nicer Java”, and indeed is a much nicer language than my previous, limited exposure had led me to believe. It’s no Rust or F♯, but its type system is substantially more capable than Java’s.


  • Aleksey Pirogov
  • Chris Palmer
  • Derek Morr
  • Hamza Sheikh
  • Leif Arne Storset
  • Luca Schmid
  • Micael Bergeron
  • Ralph Giles (“rillian”)
  • reddraggone9
  • Ryan Ollos
  • William Roe

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