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Show notes

Read the show notes, as well as fairly detailed comments on all the code samples referenced in the show.

Yes, this is a slightly crazy way of building a show notes site for a podcast. See e001: Document all the things! for more details.


  • Bonus episodes: shorter, and usually more about community or philosophy.
  • Brief discussions of important and useful crates around the Rust ecosystem.
  • Hello, world!
  • Document all the things!
  • Something borrowed, something… moved?
  • No. more. nulls.
  • Functionalized
  • Allocate it where?
  • Modularize this!
  • Testify
  • Just like something else
  • Composing a Rustic tune
  • Macros rule!
  • Once upon a type
  • I’m not familiar with that expression
  • Staying alive
  • Stringing things along
  • Not dumb pointers.
  • RefCells and code smells
  • Point me where I need to go
  • Borrow, AsRef, Deref: my head hurts now
  • Let’s Clone a Cow!
  • Putting code in its place
  • Keeping your types under cover
  • Send and Sync
  • Traits Deep Dive, Part 1
  • Traits Deep Dive, Part 2
  • Traits Deep Dive, Part 3
  • Functional Programming Ideas
  • Trust Me; I Promise!
  • Meet My Associates
  • I’m Out to C
  • Can You See Me Now?
  • FFI Deep Dive
  • Interviews: hearing from people around the Rust community!
  • Meta episodes: content about the show itself.
  • News: occasional episodes dedicated to changes in Rust and its ecosystem.


  • Define a macro like try! but which works in the context of main().
  • Define an ident macro to show how they can capture different syntax.